we offer the following classes:

Urban Tactics, Rural Staffing: Engine

 1 or 2 day class featuring 4 hours of lecture and then the rest is all down and dirty engine work. We start at the basics of the engine company and work up to tried and true street smart tactics that can be performed with less than ideal staffing. This class becomes an instant favorite to anyone who attends

urban Tactics, Rural Staffing: Ladder

Similar to the engine company class it is a 1 or 2 day class based around 4 hours of lecture, followed up with all hands on work. This class is great for all firefighters even if you don't have an aerial in your fleet. Though you may lack an actual ladder truck it doesn't mean that those functions don't need to be performed. Find your inner truckie with us and help your department improve itself. 

The Smart, Competent, and Aggressive Fire Company

1 or 2 day with 4 hours of lecture with Hands On Training with the goal of making you and your crew the best they can be. We start out by focusing on creating smart firefighters. With proper training those people become competent in the basics. With enough repetition competence breeds confidence and confidence breeds aggression. Find out the difference of becoming smart, competent, and aggressive can mean to your department.                                         

FIREGROUND DECISION MAKING                                                                      

4 hour lecture class focused on helping today's firefighters makes decision under pressure. Due to today's limited staffing firefighters are often left to make split second decisions that will effect the entire fireground. Learn how to control your emotions and make the best decisions in a messed up situation.

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